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Pruksa – Indian Chapter


Pruksa now brings its wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of residential projects such as villas and rowhouses construction to the Indian consumer. We started our foray into the Indian Real estate arena in 2009 as Pruksa India Housing Pvt. Ltd. Head-quartered in India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore. Pruksa India Housing Pvt. Ltd has come up with new housing projects in Bangalore, named Pruksa Silvana, which includes residential project of villas and rowhouses. This Vaasthu compliant housing project is available in an affordable way due to our cost conscious planning.


Under this flagship brand, Pruksa India Construction Pvt. Ltd. has been dedicated to build housing projects in Bangalore and Pruksa Scenic Housing Pvt. Ltd. for the Mumbai metropolis. The company has also joined forces with Chennai’s premier Mohan Mutha Housing Pvt. Ltd. for exclusive villas and rowhouses development project. Blueprints for real estate projects in other Indian cities are also on the anvil.


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